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Olga Markin has been in touch from Sochi following the recent car crash involving her husband.  Nick was travelling near Sukhum with Bishop Ivan when his car left the road and fell from a cliff.  The Bishop is still in hospital with a broken leg and Nicks’ scans showed many broken vertebrae.  Nick was offered either bed rest wearing a brace or surgery.  As he was unsure of the skills of the surgeons he requested advice and much prayer.  Folk from across the nations and our team of supporters took his plight to their hearts and were magnificent in pulling in medical opinion from friends and colleagues.

Our latest news is that Nick is back home again and has decided not to go ahead with any surgery.  He values everyone’s prayers and practical support.  Please continue to pray for him, his wife Olga and Bishop Ivan.

Please pray for ease of pain and healing.



On Sunday we have a great meeting at our house. Andrey and Irina from Lazorevskoye joined. Irina is doing a wonderful work with children there. Andrey has recently finished a government course, so now he's a licensed tourist guide. He helped Arkady to organize a short expedition to take some young people from the Inline club to see the ancient dolmens.  The trip was great. See some photos here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpC2N11nAus
Such camps really help to build friendship and open hearts. Some are really open for the Gospel. Please, keep praying, especially for the girl named Sasha (short haired).


Sochi Outreach

Narnia Project… Nich has translated, put together and printed some educator’s materials using C.S. Lewis’ Narnia as a tool to teach ethics and Christian values. A couple of NGOs are interested in using those materials. He is preparing a seminar to teach those people how to use the materials in public schools. Please, pray for the successful launch. We can touch lives of thousands of kids with this tool.    

 Registration of NGO… He is  in a process of registering an NGO.      

 Dancing Studio… Tanya our team member is a professional choreographer. Her vision is to start a dancing studio to teach young people dancing and to impact their lives for Jesus.       

Alfa course… planned to start in September. Our girls Tanya and Sveta are getting prepared for that. It should grow into a model Alfa course before the thing breeds around.

Nick has applied for paperwork to enable him to attend some seminars in the region. Please pray for all documentation to be provided. Funds are much needed in all of the work to support the Sochi Team.

Sasha Akimov has asked us to remember a camp running now in Orsizi with our St. Petersburg staff.

 In UkraineNedilko tells us their Co-ordinators are meeting  this week to review the first half of the year and plan ‘Stone’ projects for the rest of 2009.  A recent day camp in Zhytomyr saw 50 young kids accept Christ.  “Still through these hard financial times God’s grace works and His love touches lives of the young generation”.  Please continue to pray for this situation.

 Many people came at evangelization meetings and organizers spent time not only with youth. From morning till afternoon they helped older people with their household and talked about Christ. After lunch the Christians had a special fun time for kids. And in the evening they spent time with youth and those meetings often ended after midnight! it was so interesting for the youth that they didn't want to go home! Local guys and girls often asked the team to come more often and now the team is thinking about making youth clubs there - to chare about Jesus every week.

The team is very thankful to all those who supported them in prayer!!! They felt it so clearly! God blessed the event, many local youth decided to come to local church.

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